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New South Wales
  "data": {
    "timezone": {
      "id": "Australia/Sydney",
      "current_time": "2022-07-22T19:07:34+10:00",
      "code": "AEST",
      "is_daylight_saving": false,
      "gmt_offset": 36000
    "ip": "",
    "type": "v4",
    "connection": {
      "asn": 13335,
      "organization": "CLOUDFLARENET",
      "isp": "Cloudflare"
    "location": {
      "geonames_id": 2147714,
      "latitude": -33.86714172363281,
      "longitude": 151.2071075439453,
      "zip": "2000",
      "continent": {
        "code": "OC",
        "name": "Oceania",
        "name_translated": "Oceania"
      "country": {
        "alpha2": "AU",
        "alpha3": "AUS",
        "calling_codes": [
        "currencies": [
            "symbol": "AU$",
            "name": "Australian Dollar",
            "symbol_native": "$",
            "decimal_digits": 2,
            "rounding": 0,
            "code": "AUD",
            "name_plural": "Australian dollars"
        "emoji": "🇦🇺",
        "ioc": "AUS",
        "languages": [
            "name": "English",
            "name_native": "English"
        "name": "Australia",
        "name_translated": "Australia",
        "timezones": [
        "is_in_european_union": false
      "city": {
        "name": "Sydney",
        "name_translated": "Sydney"
      "region": {
        "fips": "AS-02",
        "alpha2": "AU-NSW",
        "name": "New South Wales",
        "name_translated": "New South Wales"
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fetch('https://api.iplookupapi.com/v1/latest/', {
    headers: {
        apikey: 'YOUR-API-KEY'
.then(response => response.json())
.then(data => {

We could integrate iplookupapi.com within a few minutes, and it has worked reliably ever since. The support team is great and very resourceful, and the API is easy-to-use and has helped us increase our international business.

Wernhard Berger
Wernhard Berger
CEO, Breatheilo.com

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